My story started on the 7 acres my mom and dad own in Anacortes with my parents and two brothers. While I ran wild with

my siblings and neighborhood kids, my mom and dad built our home from the bottom up. To this day, visiting them that very home is one of my favorite things to do and places to be. While in college I met my tall-drink-of-water husband (it’s true!). After graduation we spent 5 months traveling in Australia, rooting ourselves deep in love and establishing a strong sense of adventure. Years later, we got married and during this time I taught elementary school.

After our first daughter, Maggie,  was born, we made the decision that the best place for me was to be home as a mother. Without a shadow of a doubt, this has been one of the best decisions we could have made. Our life has been so rich, full of love, and although it was an adjustment, I’m extremely happy. It wasn’t until Audrey, our second daughter was born that I decided to pursue a photography career. I’ve always loved photography and telling stories from behind the lens is a natural place for me to be.

I’m sentimental down to my core, easy to read, and am happiest with my family. I like to put chocolate milk in my coffee and I’d eat sushi for every meal if I could. I’m always up for an adventure and if it involves a bit of travel, I’m extra excited. Sometimes I’ll get a wild hair and try a home improvement project, which usually leads to a bigger mess than I started out with. I like to write, I LOVE to read, and I’ll forever wish that I had bigger teeth….because, well, who doesn’t want huge teeth?